Website Documentation

This website is generated with mkdocs.

The API reference is rendered from doc-strings.

The source is available on GitHub.

The website is served via GitHub Pages from a dedicated repository.

To build and serve the website locally:

$ git clone
$ cd alana-utils
$ mkdocs build
$ mkdocs serve

The alana-utils-docs repository contains a docs directory, which is a copy of the site directory auto-generated by mkdocs and excluded from alana-utils.

Here's a sample workflow for updating alana-utils-docs.

alana-utils$ mkdocs build
alana-utils$ cp -r site ../alana-utils-docs/docs
alana-utils$ cd ../alana-utils-docs
alana-utils-docs$ git add docs
alana-utils-docs$ git commit -m "Rebuild"
alana-utils-docs$ git push

Updating the alana-utils-docs repository is unfortunately currently manual.